Rose Quartz – The Resonance of Love

We all know this beautiful crystal! For most of us, rose quartz is one of the first crystals in our collection. It’s a widely available mineral with a soft to warm pink radiance and loved for its harmonising, nurturing energy.

I have to be honest with you, I came late to the rose quartz party (probably still early at the age of sixteen, but hey I got my first crystal when I was five).

Rose quartz wasn’t one of my favourites when I started collecting as a child, maybe because I didn’t vibe with it or simply because it wasn’t on my radar. Even after adding some rose quartz pieces to my collection (which were all gifts by the way), it took me a while to appreciate it beyond ‘just pretty’.

Looking back on my personal growth I’m so grateful that this crystal energy grew on me. On a personal level, I’ve witnessed its enforcement in implementing practices of self-love, acceptation and trust. As a crystal therapist and witch coach, I continuously observe the loving guidance this crystal energy offers to my clients during their transformations.

This crystal is one of nature’s most significant mineral gifts in the (self) love department, and I’m here for it!


It’s the go-to frequency amplifier for love, self-love, harmony, nurture and support. This crystalline spirit can help in your process of working through traumas, grief, loss, and insecurity. With its calming vibes, it’s a very suitable crystal for young children who have difficulty with being alone, sleeping and resting, and feeling secure. For these apparent reasons its part of “The Love Collection”, and if you’re still on the lookout for a unique piece, click here.