Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

Discover the healing properties of crystals and gems with Crystal Healing! Experience the power that naturally restores your energy balance and optimises your physical, mental and emotional health.

Time to enjoy a treatment that makes you spark with joy!

This Soul Session is about making time for yourself and enjoying a relaxing treatment that calms the nervous system, alongside cleansing your aura and boosting your energy levels.

This treatment is an all-in-one experience. Whatever it is that you need, we’ve got the crystals and the knowledge to help you along your sacred journey. Together we can create a tailor-made treatment plan, or you can book single or multiple sessions. 

Crystal Healing can help you with:

– aura cleansing
– breaking ties (to a situation or a person)
– chakra balancing
– kundalini rising
– mental clarity
– manifesting your dreams
– releasing negative energy and blocks
– optimising emotional, psychological or physical healing 
– practising self-love
– sleep and relaxation
– spiritual growth and development
– and much more …

When in doubt? Turn to crystals, because their energies have got your back!



Sessions are 60min for €125,- and 90min for €175,- (Dutch or English).
Package deals or a combination of Soul Sessions are possible. Contact us via the contact form below.