Ritual Reliquary


RITUAL RELIQUARY – Amplify Your Manifestation Magic

A Sacred Spellbox Filled With Tailored Products To Support Your Manifestation Magic


  • 1 hour (video)call with Aïsha
  • 1,7kg – Cosmic Crystal
  • 100 ml – personalised aura spray incl. crystal & sigil
  • 1 very specific and unique witch bottle
  • 1 tailored detailed ritual including spell
  • FREE SHIPPING – Worldwide


This is a tailored experience specially designed to give you that extra oomph – so you can weave your heart’s desires into your life.
It’s time to embrace your manifestation talents – let’s turn your power up a notch! The ‘Ritual Reliquary’ is created to reel those dreams into your waking state in a jiffy. Here’s how:


Let’s create clarity on what you’re specifically manifesting. I’ll help you prepare for this call by sending you a few “bull’s eye” questions via mail, so we can get the best out of our time together. Based on our conversation I’ll assemble your ‘Ritual Reliquary’. Keep reading to figure out what this special ritual box contains and how it supports you on your manifestation journey …


This altarpiece is, just like any of our crystals, charged and awakened to help you rise to your fuller potential. What makes this extra-large chunk even more special, is that it ritualistically has been pre-charged for you in alignment with the thing that you are pulling into your life – or even better. This rock is your battery for joy!


Magnify your magnetic manifestation powers! Based on the information you’ve given me during our call, I’ll retract into my chamber of secrets to commune with the spirit world and channel a one-of-a-kind aura spray. There will only be one spray like this in the whole wide world, intensified by attuned crystal magic and your own magical sigil to seal complete the spray.


To amplify your manifestation magic even more so, you’ll receive a unique witch bottle, intensified by Zafirah’s signature spellcraft. Use it as a touchstone during meditations to draw in your desires, or place it on your altar or nightstand, so the energies can vibrate their frequency into your room/energy field. Utilise as “magical oomph” by tugging it in your travel bag. And when you feel your desires are amplified and ready to be released into the universe – burn all ingredients as a powerful attraction incense. 


What would your ‘Ritual Reliquary’ be without its own detailed ritual and spell. This is your instruction manual for all the tools in the ‘Ritual Reliquary’as well as a detailed spell for you to perform. Now you’re absolutely ready to send your magical frequencies out into the universe. This is witchcraft made easy!


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