NY’s & New Moon Manifestation Ritual

Gorgeous being,

Let me start off with wishing you a blessed, wonderful, magical and healthy new year!

Oh my dear spirits, what a year 2020 has been … I won’t spend time on how this year has been like no other we have ever witnessed – it was quite apparent and 2020 will definitely be marked in our history books.

I earnestly wish last year has given you something beautiful! Maybe in the form of silence and serenity, perhaps in the form of discovering an unfathomable power deep within.

In this video I’ll share my divinatory insights about the magic of manifesting – what that even means for 2021 – accompanied by a new moon meditation and a separate ritual which you can repeat whenever you feel like it. I’ll explain more in the video. Happy weaving!

With love,


I have to share this ritual with you ’cause it’s simple, effective and in my experience the one that always gets the job done – for it embodies this element of ‘out of your head – and into action’. 2021 will be a year of focussing on the little steps that get you to where it is you want to be. Not meaning that your dreams and desire shouldn’t be BIG.

Besides that this ritual brings together the practice of self-love, personal energy, intuition, embodied action and empowerment. Gotta love such a packed ritual right?!


– Sage, Palo Santo or any other herb or aura spray you like to cleanse your space with,
– Candle,
– Journal,
– Optional: your favourite music.

If you’re reading this on the 13th of January, know that we’re still in the dark moon… Now is not the time to a ham on your manifestations, but the right timing for introspection and preparation.

Make sure you create some ‘me’ time. Physically cleanse the space your in, and energetically cleans it by using your Palo Santo or Sage, etc. If you have the possibility to also take a bath, or shower… do it!

When you’re ready do whatever is needed to get you in the zone. Maybe listen to this meditation that I have recorded, put on your fav. music, sing, dance, or do breathing exercises. Whenever you feel ready light the candle, sit in front of it and stare into the flame. You can protect your eyes by squinting or staring at the candle through a veil placed over your head. Take at least 5 to 10 minutes to fully let your monkey brain do all the chitter-chatter it wants. Let the mind calm down, and be present in the moment.

When you become aware of the calm mind, imagine that you and the flame are one. Become the light of the flame. After sitting like this for about 2 minutes let the fire that is you represent the fire of your manifestation – that thing that you’re calling into your life. Again, let everything melt together – flame, Self, manifestation, flame, Self, manifestation. Stating that the thing that you long for is already in the now, including how this makes you feel.

For example;
‘I wish to find a new job’, becomes ‘I am enjoying my creative and ever-expanding new job and I feel blessed with …’.

After staying in this space for a few minutes go for pen and paper and answer the following questions (considering the thing you’re calling in):
– What area of my life can use a cleanse?
– What area of my life could use more fire, action or rebellion?
– Which traditions, rituals, etc. am I holding onto, but are old and can be released?
– What obstacles (be it mental, emotional, or on a more mundane level) do I keep bumping into and are keeping you from your happiness?
– What can I regularly gift myself, which will help me move closer to my heart’s desire? 

Repeat this practice for three days in a row. Then compare your answers and let them inspire you to take embodied action.

And remember – have fun!