.:Meditation:. Bring Back Your Fire

May we celebrate that we are leaving “The Void” behind us and the promise of light is upon us – welcome to Imbolc. The time when the air still feels crispy, it might even snow, but below that winter blanket, there’s the promise of new life. And as our bodies start to receive more intense rays of light from the skyclock up above, we know that the seasons are shifting and winter will turn into spring.

I love this time of year when the light returns. It always ignites my manifestation magick practices.

A guided seated meditation to bring back your fire during Imbolc

December and January support me in retreating for an in-depth process of inner alchemy. Can you envision me stirring a cauldron, loudly cackling away while adding all kinds of ingredients into my boiling brew? This retreating is my technique for digesting all life’s experiences that were gifted to me in that year.

By February, I start to get a more precise grip on what I desire to manifest. Or even better put, I begin to receive information on the actions I can take in daily life to quicken the materialisation of what I’m drawing in.

This can be mundane information, such as creating a new time management schedule for a project or changing my workout routine. But it can also be on a spiritual level, for example adding or changing a ritual, or focussing on balancing a chakra energy that will help me in my growth towards the embodiment of my vision.

But it all starts with opening the doors to what ignites you by tending to your inner frequency, tending to that inner flame.


Let me help you with a guided seated meditation to bring back your fire. So you can radiate your magick into your life and create a world you want to live in.

With love and fiery blessings,