Aisha Zafirah Becoming The Oracle

Becoming The Oracle

Gorgeous Being,

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Let me tell you first what this blog is not.

It ain’t about magic, spell work or performing a ritual. 

It will touch upon awareness and clarity of your thoughts, emotions and actions. And … how these qualities help you to predict your own future.

Inspired by the inscription ‘Gnothi Seauton’, the engraved words Know Thyself found on a column before entering the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, where the Pythia – the Greek oracle of Antiquity, resided. 

Okay, let me give you just a little bit of historical background …

People travelled across Greece to gain her insights. After sufficient offerings were laid upon the altar outside the temple, the inquirer was allowed to enter. The Pythia may have received messages directly from the Gods, or she was in a state of delirium (caused by, among other things, the fumes and gases rising out of a crack in the earth’s surface). It probably was a combination of both. Whatever the case, she was famous throughout Greece.

Now, if you’ve been envisioning the Pythia as one individual priestess who turned over 500 years old … that wasn’t the case. The Pythia was, throughout the years, embodied by different, initiated priestesses – performing the sacred task of being the oracle. If our traditions were the same and if she was alive in our time, we would refer to her as an idol. 

This shows the beauty of it all. Being the oracle is not a gift bestowed upon one individual. With what I know about the Divine and Divine Intelligence, we don’t need an outsider to enable that connection. Though, help can come in handy because receiving clarity in messages might depend on where you are in your journey. But for the next part, don’t worry about that. You got this!

You are the one with knowledge of a thousand libraries stored in every cell of your body, bones, and Being. And this is your invitation to become your own oracle.

As you might well know, I love to guide people in creating clarity of mind and desire. We can start weaving our manifestations more easily when we come from a place of clarity. Clarity comes down to: Know Thyself.

So at the nearing end of 2022, energy is turning inward as the world in the Northern Hemisphere prepares for winter and her own Dark Moon phase. 

This is your invitation to start gathering knowledge about yourself. By creating an overview of the experiences you’ve had, the choices made, and the roads travelled, you gain insight into if these previously made decisions are in alignment with your heart’s desire. 

Are the roads you’ve travelled bringing you closer to what you want to manifest?

Are the things you’ve experienced and encounters you’ve had moments that you like to have more of?

Winter is coming; therefore, it is the right time to prepare yourself by taking your Divine Intelligence to heart. Become the oracle and create a moment of magical web-weaving to prepare yourself for the future. 

Here’s how. You only need a pen and paper.

Start with creating a moment of silence. If a guided meditation gets you there – go for it! Once you feel connected (meaning the mind chatter has quieted down), be aware of the moment. Give yourself permission to be vulnerable and honest, and tap into your heart’s desire. If it’s a big one, let the next question allow you to cut a big manifestation into smaller steps. Ask yourself:

‘What is my desire for the next couple of months? What do I want to accomplish?’

Write it down. Suppose you fancy creating a visual reminder of what you want to manifest. You can make a vision board or jot down your answer on an inspiring postcard later.

Now it’s time to become your own oracle and predict the future by shifting your attention to everything you know about yourself. Ask yourself:

‘What are my pitfalls or weaknesses in connection to what I want to manifest?’

Make a list of all the things that come to mind. Think about the effect of where your time and energy flows. The people you spend time with and the quality of those connections. And, of course, scan your thoughts, emotions and decisions. How will or have these things affected that which you want to manifest?

You just created a list of things that cause big or small blocks on your journey towards a more effortless way of manifesting. Make two lists. Call them the “elimination” and “investment” lists and fill out the following:

‘What of these things can I do less of or totally eliminate?’ and,

‘What skills can I invest in or decisions do I need to make that allow for that desire to happen?’

Great! Now that’s a lot of information that asks for implementation. My advice is to take it easy on yourself. I would already call your list an extensive one if you jotted down three or more things. Take it step by step and focus first on the low-hanging fruits.

Create the following by listening more to how your body responds to what you write down than what your mind thinks of it. We tend to create action plans from very goal-getter energy caused by the strategic skills of the left side of the brain. In our western culture, we’re already doing enough of that. Try to spark an opening for your right brain information and creativity and list:

‘What would be a loving structure of implementing the things mentioned on your elimination and investment lists?’

Make it efficient and loving to self. Remember, we are preparing for winter, so slowing it all down is what nature invites us to do. 

Maybe, after all, this blog was about magic.

Gnothi Seauton and Blessed Weaving,


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