Hi there, gorgeous being.

First things first, wishing you a happy new year.

Give it your soul and make it your most magical decade yet!

It’s a fact, and I’m over the moon! Celebrating the website launch for Aïsha Zafirah in the first month of this new decade. If that ain’t promising … Long overdue (and still a work in progress) but ready enough to be launched!

Over the years, I’ve learned to move before I’m ready and put perfectionism on the back burner. Therefore, we are finally here online. Connecting with you via the wicked, wild wireless.

I am here to make witchcraft sexy again and to hand you a helping hand, crystal, spell or reality check whenever you need support on your sacred journey through:

– upcoming events & retreats,
– the different types of souldates,
– monthly blogs filled with crystal knowledge, spell craft and tips on how to make your magic work in a practical and no-nonsense way.

What you can expect from this site

Well … I’ll also be spicing things up via the wicked wild web. Besides all the enchanting magical support mentioned above we’ll be opening our webshop in February where you can find:

– hand-selected and supercharged crystals to boost your own frequency,
– magically enhanced aura sprays handmade with care and love,
– and much more magic which we’ll keep a secret for now … (not for long).

I absolutely love to share my efficacious knowledge and authentic support so you can focus on being the powerful and successful architect of your life!

Who is Aisha Zafirah

As you might already know I’m a travelling witch from The Netherlands. Flying all across the globe and keeping you up-to-date about my broomstick adventures via Instagram or Facebook. So make sure you’re following me on these platforms for much more magical updates.

2020 is already off to a magical start! Not only will you see more of our daily magic online, but you’ll also be able to meet the people we meet and get more background info on their magical transformations.

Underarm and hand of a travelling witch from The Netherlands with crystals and flowers

Oh, and don’t forget about that super awesome yet so secretive thing that we’ll be keeping you posted about. It’s going to be mind-blowing (let your witch build some positive tension here – insert witchy cackle).

Click here if you want to discover why making witchcraft sexy again is such a passion of mine.

If you have any questions, suggestions, want to plan a ‘souldate’, want to know more about an event and/or retreat don’t hesitate to send me a DM via the platforms mentioned above or message me here.


Maybe you have been wondering why I’m sometimes referring to we instead of me.

I want to emphasis that I’m not doing this work alone.

First of all my work and the things I create are supported and influenced by all the help that I receive from Spirit Guides, deities and many more that we don’t even have a name for.

Second I like to thank Sol Bozán for the fantastic pictures she has shot for the homepage. You can find more of her craft and magical eye here.

I’d also want to thank web designer DNYSLM for his creativity, trust, and going beyond the beyond while working on this website. And though it is still a work in progress, thank you for building into the future!

‘Wild Wicked Wisdom’

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I love to stay connected with you!

For now, sending you magical New Year Blessings,
Aïsha Zafirah