Aïsha Zafirah - Crystal Priestess. Witch. Spiritual Alchemist.

I’m Aïsha. Crystal Priestess, Witch, Spiritual Alchemist.

Gorgeous Being – Nice to meet you!

I’m Aïsha. Crystal Priestess, Witch, Spiritual Alchemist. Dedicated to helping you overcome the obstacles in your life that keep you from your fullest potential.

And as you might already know … I’m totally crazy about crystals! My parents noticed my crystal craze when I was a young girl of only three years old. I collected pebbles, rocks, stones and shells and I considered all these minerals to be friends. From an early age, I was very attuned to the language and energies of “other worlds” so this naturally led my development into an energetic healer, witch, personal success coach, spiritual speaker and yoga teacher.

My practices are inspired by the belief that we are all godly beings with the power to create our own reality. But it seems that we have forgotten our own greatness. Therefore, everything that comes forth from our business is here to remind you and help you align with your own sacredness.

This website is designed to encourage you to find and reconnect with your own sacred spark! Supporting you via blog posts and in the nearby future our online learning platform. But also in the flesh via workshops, events and retreats. Or even one-on-one session which we call souldates.


“How?” I can hear you ask.

I’ll introduce you to tools from different spiritual practices, using crystal energy, chakra healing, spiritual alchemy, yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, visualisation and witchcraft. All to enable deep emotional, spiritual, mental and/or bodily healing, but above all to empower you. You will find these tools in our online communications as well as in our events or souldates.

Since we, on a collective level, have forgotten our own sacredness and grandeur, one of the main questions I always ask is; ‘How are you holding yourself back? What fears are you experiencing and working with? Which thought patterns do you keep revisiting that are old and ready to be released? And how can crystal frequencies, moon and manifestation magic, shadow work, and even the balancing work of energetical therapy help you along the way?’

It’s time to become that Divine Being you truly are!

I cannot wait to meet you soon, gorgeous being! Be it in the flesh or through the Wicked Wild Wireless…

With love,
– Crystal Priestess, Witch, Spiritual Alchemist

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