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Create The Life Of Your Dreams

2022 Banner 22 Days of Magic Challenge Page Banner

Tell me, gorgeous being …
How’s your 2022 taking shape so far? After and amidst all the chaos lately, did you manage to dive into the new year with clarity? Do you know what it is that your heart desires?

If not… Don’t worry! It ain’t too late to figure it out and get on track with creating the life you long for.

I can totally imagine how these times might have thrown you off track. It sure has shifted my compass and shook my ground for a while, but you know what … As a witch who’s fond of working her way through the shadows (of her own mind, emotions, fears and even the collective ones), I really realised – that’s life for ya.

“Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”


Tough cookie to swallow sometimes, but hey, if you don’t … there’s a great chance you’ll look back at your life one day in full befuddlement, wondering “what the heck happened”.

The clairvoyant that I am :), let me predict what your future will look like.

But you might already know what it is that I’m going to say. In that case, just watch this video in which I give you a taste of what our time together will look like.

Ah, you’ve decided to read the premonition, buckle up, here we go …

Bummed out about all the chaos, you sit around waiting until life gets back to “normal” and the ways you were used to. That’s the thing though. “Normal” ain’t a universal law that reality will bounce back into. Universe, time, experience and life are everchanging things. Sometimes more subtle than others, but for our human comprehension definitely always moving.

Sticking to what’s normal and known and staying inside your comfort zone are methods your mind created to keep you safe. A well-developed program that once or twice in life absolutely served its purpose but has got way too grand and loud.

So, listening to that voice, you keep waiting for a time that’s right or perfect, or whatever type of excuse your mind has made up to stop you from reaching for what it is you desire. All out of fear that what you truly want is something you can’t accomplish, or maybe out of fear for your own success (we will dive in deeper during the challenge).

And as time passes, you let disempowerment creep into your mind and take over your life with more disastrous, possible long-term outcomes. I will spare you the details. I know you know exactly what vicious circle I mean.

Time to get back in the saddle and level up your manifestation skills!

I don’t believe in the “create a new habit within 21-days” myth. Especially since I’m a highly sensitive person with ADHD (the last being diagnosed just a few years ago when I was 32 years old), it takes effort and focus to either create a new habit or get back into the saddle of something that I’ve simply been slacking at.

But I’ve managed to create an effortless habit of listening to my desires, weaving magic and manifesting what I want. It has become a skill I’ve allowed myself to practice on a daily basis. Over the years, I’ve tested what did and didn’t work for me. So besides rattling your bones hoping you wake the f*%$ up and start weaving already, I want to help you out.

You might be wondering how to get started …

Well, you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself!
That’s why I’ve created this challenge, so you don’t drift off into a galaxy of possibilities and overwhelm.

We’re kicking it off on 02/02/2022
Which is the day after Imbolc, the Celtic feast of the promise of Light returning and all in all as you can see a very magical date.

During the challenge I’ll explain why kicking it off on this date isn’t only symbolical, but packed with beneficial energies and correspondences to help you whirl those manifestations into being.

It takes the average person at least 66-days to build a new habit (read more here). So let me help you out with at least 22 days of the average (yes smarty pants, that is 1/3 of your habit-building time you can already check off your list). Finishing strong with a live webinar on the 23rd in which we’ll tie everything together.

Joining live is of course the best experience, but don’t worry if you can’t attend the webinar – it will be on replay for a short time.

* If you’re reading this after Feb. the 2nd, don’t hesitate to jump into the challenge. Better get going than never, right?!

It’s time to weave your magic and create the life you dream of!


  • You’ll get a ton of awesome mind, body and magical tricks on how you can shape reality into the life you so desire. These keys are easy to perform in your daily life and only take minutes to implement.
  • Receive videos, meditations and in-depth exercises to align with what it is you are wanting.
  • Learn how your mind and the quality of your thoughts directly tie into the results you reap, and how to tweak these to create the best possible outcome.
  • How to use your body as an essential tool to get what you desire… I know, this sounds a little slick, but I mean it in all the profound ways imaginable!
  • Motivation on a daily basis, so it becomes easier to consciously start shaping your now and your future.
  • Including a sweet Full Moon Rite for mid-Feb.
  • The challenge is set-up in a convenient way. Daily practices are delivered straight to your inbox, so you can perform them whenever suits you best.
  • Closing it off with a live webinar (replay available) on the 24th of Feb. tying all of the magical tricks together, so you can keep weaving for the time being.
  • A unique one time only offer – only for participants.
  • Oh, and did I mention it’s free, hello opportunity window!

So what are you still waiting for?

Sign-up is closed from 6th of Feb.

Let’s meet each other online soon, celebrating in advance that 2022 will be our most magical year yet!