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Gorgeous Being,
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I'm Aisha

Crystal Priestess, Witch, Spiritual Alchemist. Dedicated to helping you overcome the obstacles in your life that keep you from your fullest potential.

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Healing Waters

Cleanses Body – Energises Mind & Boosts Immune System

  • Release toxins more easily
  • Awake and energise the mind
  • Boost your immune system

‘Healing Waters’ is that aura spray for extra-ordinary times!

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Make the most of your sacred journey

I believe that healing and transformation are an ongoing process. Sometimes coming quickly, fierce and empowering, at other times gentler and nursing. Always flowing in its own divine timing from a deep connection with Soul. That's why I've designed SOULDATES, for a one-time session, package or a selection of different souldates. Using your input and wishes to create a tailored souldate program so you can find and experience the support you need.


Her awesome practical tips have made it possible for me to practice self-love. My consciousness is still growing and I’m more than grateful that I met her.

Nanda Wijn

Since Aïsha’s ‘Sacred Space Creation’, the part of my house that always felt gloomy and heavy has changed completely. It now has become a place where I happily spend time.

Pascal Elzinga

Because of her warmth, love and genuine interest, it always feels safe for me to share about myself. She really hears and sees my inner process.

Marijke Peperkamp

She has such a way with the energies that flow between mind, body, spirit. How she guides me through my inner journey really blows my mind!

Danny Slotboom


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Healing Routines

Gorgeous Being! I hope this message finds you well in these extra-ordinary times. We are all going through significant changes on multi-dimensional levels, and I want you to know you are not alone. Many of you have been reaching out in various ways. We talked about emotions and thoughts during this pandemic, family and work, […]

A Ritual For The First New Moon of January 2020

It’s the first new moon of this decade on the 24th of January. To me, it always feels as if the new year is really settling in on the first new moon. And the energy that she brings this time is totally resonating with that. This year the new moon falls in the sign of […]


Hi there, gorgeous being. First things first, wishing you a happy new year. Give it your soul and make it your most magical decade yet! It’s a fact, and I’m over the moon! Celebrating the website launch for Aïsha Zafirah in the first month of this new decade. If that ain’t promising … Long overdue […]


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